Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Do you need A Breast Reduction Surgeon in Milwaukee?

Finding a Board Certified Milwaukee Breast Reduction Surgeon

Breast Reduction Surgeon

There is no reason to reduce large breasts unless they bother a woman, either physically or emotionally. Oversized breasts can be anatomically problematic due to their size and possible pendulous nature. These overly large breasts can cause fatigue, postural change, back, shoulder, or neck pain, skin irritation from bra straps, and actual deformity of the upper skeleton, including the spine. Many women complain of severe chronic pain conditions which can make life a living Hell on Earth. Large breasts are also athletically limiting and can be a big concern when finding a proper fitting and flattering clothing.

Psychologically, many women feel a vast range of negative emotions due to their large breasts. Self-consciousness is very common since prominent breasts often become the focus of public attention. Body dysmorphic disorders affect many large-breasted women who perceive themselves as fat since their breasts often make them lose a defined hourglass shape. Besides, large breasts can make a woman lose her waist, especially when clothed with a straight and thick appearance which many women find disturbing. Well-endowed women often suffer associated breast ptosis, which can be a separate and powerful emotional issue by itself. Women will often hate the look of their large, sagging breasts, wishing they would be firmer and anatomically higher positioned. All in all, many large ptotic breasted women suffer a generally poor body image, a lack of confidence, and reduced physical functionality. Most of these troubled women find themselves wishing for smaller, perkier, and more manageable breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure


Complete Breast reduction is a very invasive and complicated operation. The usual surgical approach is a series of incisions in either the vertical or anchor-shaped pattern, allowing access to the inside of the breast. Excess tissue and skin are removed, and interior re-contouring and re-sculpting are accomplished through various means. The nipple is relocated to a higher, more youthful position on the breast mound. The remaining skin is then brought together and carefully sutured, creating the new, improved breast shape. This fresh breast will be smaller, anatomically higher, firmer, and perkier than the old large photic shape. Overall weight, bulk, and movement of the breast are significantly reduced, allowing a more aesthetic look and feel and considerably increased physical functionality.

Recommendation on Breast Reduction Surgery

This is not a surgical procedure to be taken lightly; reduction mammoplasty is a very grueling ordeal for any woman to endure. The operation is very invasive and will be likely to leave permanent breast scars. After the procedure, recovery is uncomfortable and will take considerable time. However, all these considerations aside, breast reduction is still a fantastic option for women who suffer every day due to their overly large and cumbersome breasts. Post-operative reduction patients report some of the highest satisfaction ratings of all cosmetic surgery patients. The physical and emotional changes which occur in these women are nothing short of incredible. Most women report a better self-image, a better quality of life, and a more comfortable body, free from pain and disability. If you suffer from any large breast-related issues, talk to a qualified cosmetic surgeon to see if reduction mammoplasty is right for you.

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